Drones are aerial vehicles that can be used in many sectors like agriculture or construction because of their supporting role, but the army has also set their sights on drones. The Belgian army signed an open multi-year agreement for the purchase of Commercial of the shelf drones and for the training of 60 drone operators.

Mini-drones are already being used for reconnaissance assignments during military operations to win tactical information. But how will the COTS drones be implemented in the structure of the Defence? The army is currently researching the purpose of the drones so that they can play a significant and supporting role.

Drones can be used in situations that are too risky such as war zones, enemy tracking or unknown territory. The UAV’s can send live images to the soldiers who can identify potential risks to protect the lives of the military men and women. Drones are also a great tool to assist in searches for lost or injured soldiers and for commanders to prepare their mission.

AerialSolutions is the supplier of professional UAV systems such as DJI Enterprise, Flyability, and FLIR.  The Antwerp-based company has currently delivered 25 drones to our Belgian Defence. Tim Ketels owner of AerialSolutions works alongside SMO’s in the industrial sector and governments for drone inspections and drone operations. His passion for drone technology and entrepreneurship has led him to this profitable deal. The company is also the Belgian DJI Enterprise dealer for all professional DJI drones in the B2B sector.

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