The Delft startup AeroVinci acquired an investment of 300,000 euros from UNIIQ and Delft Enterprises. The investment was announced on April 19th at the TUS Expo in The Hague by Niels Westendorp, founder of the event. Thanks to this capital injection, AeroVinci can continue to develop a fully autonomous drone network. In addition, the investment enables the company to submit the technology to a comprehensive testing program.

AeroVinci is a spin-off of TU Delft and is developing the so-called ‘DroneDock’ technology. With this technology, drones can take off and land, process data, charge, and do other specialized actions. Where a dronepilot was needed until recently, this new technology doesn’t need a pilot at the handle. This generates significant (financial) benefits, according to AeroVinci and Paul Althuis, Managing Director of Delft Enterprises.

Agriculture is one of the most important markets in which this technology will be applied. For example, think of farmers who inspect their land from the air and get targeted advice on irrigation, fertilization and where to use pesticides. This results in higher yields per hectare and lower costs, thanks to an autonomous drone network.

UNIIQ invests in AeroVinci because of the potential of DroneDock technology. Drones represent a huge yet untapped market. The problem is that for every drone another human pilot is needed. AeroVinci’s technology makes human intervention unnecessary, allowing the drone market to grow faster.