Every year Belgium has an increase of large drones in the air. The Federal Public service of Mobility has registered over 2,300 drones in the past years.

Almost three years ago rules were drafted around the usage of drones. If a drone weighs less than 1 kilo and if it is used for recreational purposes it doesn’t have to be registered. However, for large drones, who have the ability to fly higher than regular drones, a permit from the DGLV is needed. According to research, we buy more drones every year. In 2016 there were only 637 registrations but in 2018 this was already an amount of 869. Also, more people are getting a drone license to fly class 2 drones (these are drones that can weight max. 5 kilos and can go up to 45 meters high).

Week by week, new drone applications are appearing in our newspapers. The drone industry is growing, even the NMBS is thinking about using drones against cable theft and as it turns out the Federal Public Service of Internal affairs is already using 47 drones. Also, our local law enforcement has purchased 24 drones to help them in their duties.

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