During the first edition of the Peugeot Dutch Drone Festival (DDFF), six video makers received an award for their drone videos realized in 2017 from the jury chairman Wiebe de Jager (Dronewatch.nl) . The Public Award winner was Daan van Reijn with his film about Bali.

The first edition of the festival has been successful, with eighty entries. Jury chairman Wiebe de Jager was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the entries. The Dutch Drone Film Festival is an initiative of media entrepreneur Frank du Mosch (The Broadcaster) and Wiebe de Jager (Dronewatch.nl). With the film festival, the initiators want to underline the positive possibilities of drones and stimulate Dutch talent in the field of drone video. Frank du Mosch: “We are very happy with this first edition. Beautiful movies were made with drones.”

Participants were asked to submit a short video of up to four minutes. At least half of these should consist of droneshots, with due observance of current regulations. In the end, the categories ‘Nature’ and ‘International’ were the most popular. “That’s not surprising, so many people use their drone on vacation,” said Wiebe de Jager.

It is the intention of the organizers to make the Dutch Drone Film Festival an annual event. In NYC, the NYC drone film festival has become a phenomenon, and Germany also held a successful second edition. Wiebe de Jager: “We only see the beginning of what’s possible with drones. The technology is now developing rapidly. This year the bar has already been set high, so who knows what’s going to happen next year.”


See the winning video’s on http://www.ddff.nl