Lisa Murray is the event director for Diversified Communications, an international media company with more than 12 years’ experience in producing world-renowned events for precision measurement professionals. If you’re in this field, then you have most likely have attended one of their events, including SPAR 3D Conference & Expo, the International Lidar Mapping Forum or the Commercial UAV Expo.

On June 20-22, Diversified Communications brings its winning formula to Brussels, creating a signature forum for UAS professionals all across Europe. It’s called the Commercial UAV Expo Europe. In this episode, Lisa talks about the Expo, why it’s being held in Europe, what attendees can expect and, most importantly, why UAS professionals should to attend.

On Lisa Murray talks about the upcoming event in Brussels.

Who Should Attend? In general, if you work in Europe in an industry that requires the highest precision technology for highly technical work, the Commercial UAV Expo Europe will be of interest. The Agenda is focused on these users. The program and sessions were developed by the Expo’s Advisory Board and reflect their knowledge of the current European drone industry and the needs and opportunities.

Be sure to check out the Drone Hero Europe Contest. The Drone Hero Contest provides an opportunity for innovators to demonstrate their drone applications to an audience of highly qualified potential customers and/or partners. Contestants are vying for support in developing their innovations and the title of Drone Hero Europe 2017. The contest is open to everyone: students, research institutions, organizations, startups and companies developing or implementing drone solutions. The solution can consist of hardware, software, services or any combination of the before. Drone Hero Europe was developed by EUKA to advance the European drone industry both at home and abroad; the organizations brings together members of the drone industry including end-users in business, government and academia and partners.