One of the Latvian contestant to the Drone Hero Europe, Aerones, has created spectacular video that went viral in a matter of hours. A daredevil made a parachute jump from a drone, a first in history. The man flew to an altitude of 330 meters, then jumped and landed safely back on the ground.

After six months of preparation, the Latvian parachutist Ingus Augstkalns made the historic jump. The fearless daredevil first climbed onto a 120 meter high communication tower, after which he flew a few hundred meters upwards with a powerful drone. At an altitude of 330 meters, Augstkalns dared a jump in the depths to safely land on his feet.

The team behind the impressive stunt wanted to show that drones in the future could not only be used for entertainment but can also to save people and help firefighters. “This project shows that we are ready for serious work in the field of civil protection and certain sports disciplines,” said Janis Putrams, the engineer of the company that developed the drone.

Augstkalns is excited about the project and the jump: “We live in an exciting time. Fantastic how the drone lifted me up quickly and effortlessly. It is obvious that the use of drones will gain importance in our daily lives.” He is also convinced that his fellow parachutists are eager to experience this unique experience.

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