Contest Rules Drone Hero Europe 2017

Rules Summary

Upload your video on Vimeo or YouTube and send us the link with a description in English. ​ Any applications after this deadline will be removed from the contest. The organization can decide to postpone the deadline. In this case timely communication will be provided on the contest website. Every participant (individual/organisation/company) can submit up to three separate videos (using the form below three separate times).

Every entry can be reviewed only once. The applicant gives permission to the organizer to show the video on the contest website and via EUKA-channels. All participants, when nominated finalist, are willing to provide a pitch presentation at the closing event on April 8-10th at the Commercial UAV Expo in Amsterdam.

By taking part in the contest ‘Drone Hero Europe 2019’ the applicant agrees to the terms and conditions of the contest. By entering, the applicant agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions (see below).

Contest Rules

By entering the contest ‘Drone Hero Europe 2019’ the participant agrees to the terms and conditions of the contest. Each contestant agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions. You can download the​ full program and conditions here.


The applicant agrees that he is the sole responsible for his submission and the consequences of posting, uploading, publishing or transmitting it for this Contest and therefore waives any right to file a claim to the organizer or any person assisting the organizer in this Contest.

The applicant therefore also agrees that the content he uploads, publishes or transmits does not violate, intentionally or unintentionally any applicable local, state, national or international law or any regulations or laws having the force of law where the applicant resides including but not limited to any laws or regulations relating to securities, privacy.

The applicant agrees not to publish, upload or make available in any way content depicting illegal activities and respect local regulations about handling flying machines such as drones and multirotors and that he shall not endanger people, animals and goods by flying over. The applicant agrees that he will respect privacy and will not publish content of people without their agreement. The applicant declares that he, to the best of his knowledge, does not infringe any secrecy agreement, copyright or any other rights of third parties.

The contester/applicant agrees with the fact that he can be disqualified from the Contest by the organizer in case of non-conformance of his application or violation of any term or condition as described in this website. The contester/applicant waives any right to hold the organizer or any person assisting the organizer responsible for such disqualification and therefore waives any right to file a claim for this.

Intellectual property and liability

The applicant agrees that he is owner or retains the necessary intellectual property licenses, rights, consents, trademarks and permissions to use the uploaded or transmitted content and authorizes the organizer to use this material for promotional purposes in communication, website, marketing or events.

The applicant will discharge and hold harmless the organizer, jury or coaches or anybody assisting the organizer for this contest from any legal actions or claims from third party with respect to the content transmitted, uploaded or provided by any other means. All aplications will remain Intellectual property of the applicant. The organizer or anybody assisting the organizer with this Contest will not claim any IP rights on the transmitted, uploaded or transferred information.


The organizer, jury and coaches will not disclose any confidential information of the applications to the Contest. Every person who receives confidential information will be bound by a confidentiality agreement. In particular confidential information (business plans, ideas, …) gathered in this Contest will not be shared with thirdh 3rd parties, neither can they be used for organizer’s own or any 3rd party account.

Contact details of the applicants can be shared with official organizations that can help, coach or facilitate the applicant in any way. Finalists of the Contest agree to cooperate to a press conference organized by the organizer and to deliver a pitch detailing their concept and video at the Commercial UAV Expo Europe.

Confidential Information means any information and data of a confidential nature, including but not limited to proprietary, technical, developmental, marketing, sales, operating, performance, cost, know-how, business and process information, computer programming techniques, and all record-bearing media containing or disclosing such information and techniques which are disclosed pursuant to this Agreement. Confidential Information shall, if in written, visual or electronic form, form, be marked “Confidential” or “Proprietary” or marked with a similar label by the contester/applicant before being turned over to the organizer or anybody assisting the organizer. All oral disclosures of Confidential Information shall be identified as being confidential at the moment of disclosure and shall be summarized, in writing, by the applicant/contester and said summary will be given to the organizer within thirty (30) days of the subject oral disclosure. The organizer must make any objections to the contents of the summary, in writing, within fourteen (14) days of receipt.

Will not be considered as Confidential Information, information that:
(a) is or becomes part of the public domain
(b) was in the organizer’s possession prior to receipt from the contester/applicant;
(c) is received by the organizer from a third party free to disclose such information;
(d) is independently developed by the organizer, without use of the contester/applicant’s Confidential Information;
(e) is approved for release by prior written authorization of the contester/applicant;
(f) is necessary in order that the contester/applicant can take part in this contest, as detailed above in this document

​The organization, jury and coaches are not liable for the use or misuse, theft or loss of the information provided by 3rd parties.

Dispute and jurisdiction

In case of dispute the organizer or the applicant contester will inform the other party about it and at first the parties will try to find an amicable solution. If this fails and a legal procedure is started, only the court of Hasselt, Belgium is qualified and the laws of Belgium are applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the answers to your questions regarding the contest.
For more information you can contact the organization.

Who can participate in the contest 'Drone Hero Europe 2019'?

The contest is open to anyone: students, research institutions, organizations, startups and companies developing or implementing innovative drone solutions.

Can a group of people/companies submit an entry together?

A group can submit an entry, but only one person can be appointed as contact person and only this person will pitch in front of an audience.

Can I submit a video that was shot at any time?

A submitted video can be shot at any time, just remember the contest stands for creativity, passion and knowledge of technology and the jury expects this to be reflected in your video entry.

When can I submit my entry?

The contest will be open for video sumbissions from Monday 3rd December 2018 till Monday 25th March 2019 at noon.

Can I enter multiple times?

Every participant (individual/organisation/company) can submit up to three separate video’s (each bearing a different concept).

Can I replace my previous entry with a new one ?

Every entry can be reviewed only once.

Do I have to be in Europe to participate?

Yes. We call for every European drone enthusiast to unleash their drone hero within and submit their innovative hardware, software or services drone solution. You or your company/organization must be based in Europe to be able to participate.

Can I submit my video by e-mail to the EUKA Office?

No, the only way to enter the contest is via this website, fill out the registration form and send us your video link via this form.

How is the judging conducted?

After the selection of the finalists, the nominees will be coached to pitch their idea, prototype or concept.
The criteria of the jury are: a promising valorization, great business opportunities, proven innovation spirit, unique proposal and an expression of creativity.  The nominees will have their closing pitch in front of an audience of at least 500 professionals at UAV Expo Europe in Amsterdam.  The jury will thereafter announce the awards.

Who judges the contest?

The jury consists of innovation experts, academics and representatives of government.  All jury members have an excellent understanding of the drone economy in Europe and they will decide which finalists will win the Drone Hero Awards.

When are the finalists selected?

Finalists will be selected by an independent jury at a agreed upon timing.  They will be contacted by Euka and will pitch in front of the jury and audience of Commercial UAV Expo Europe in Amsterdam.

How & when are the results announced?

The winners are announced live at Commercial UAV Expo Europe in Amsterdam.  You will find a full article reporting on the award winners on and