Jury Drone Hero Europe 2017


After the selection of the finalists, the nominees will be coached to pitch their idea, prototype or concept.
The Jury consists of innovation experts, academics and representatives of federations.
They all have an excellent understanding of the drone economy in Europe.

President – EUKA
CEO – DronePort

Chairman of the Jury

After a life as an internet-entrepreneur, Mark developed a passion for drones, and co-founded EUKA. Always looking to empower others and make connections, he strives to ‘enable the drone economy’ in Europe.

Since the Summer of 2018, Mark has also been appointed as CEO of DronePort, an industry park and incubator with specific focus on the aviation and drone industry. The place to be for all companies active in this industry that want to be part of this new development.

Mark Vanlook

Peter Dedrij

Jakub Karas

Jakub Karas

UAVA – Vice President

Jakub Karas is co-founder and co-owner of Upvision. He has more than 15 years of experiences in photogrammetry and remote sensing. Also many experiences in GIS, new technologies (laser scanning, mobile mapping) and drones. He is the winner in the category Best Commercial Video from Drones in the contest “Age of Drones 2016”.
Jakub Karas is Vice President of the Czech Unmanned Aerial Alliance, the Czech representative on the International RPAS Coordination Council and a non-executive member of the UVS International Board of Directors.

Founding Partner – BHO Legal

Oliver Heinrich is co-founder and partner with BHO Legal, a boutique law firm based in Cologne, Germany, with focus on aerospace and high-technology projects. With regard to UAVs, Oliver is heading BHO’s participation in “Drone.Rules.eu”, an EU (COSME) funded project for awareness raising on the complex legal framework for operating drones in EU Member States.

Oliver Heinrich

Peter Dedrij

Sebastian Babiarz

Sebastian Barbiarz

Airmap – Head of strategic Business development

Sebastian is Heading Strategic Business Development in AirMap, he believes that right technology can enable new business opportunity. His role is to identify and evaluate new business opportunities throughout Europe, and continue to advise and collaborate with regulators and standards organizations as they work to build frameworks for Unmanned Traffic Management, or UTM, in the region. Previously, Sebastian held various positions in R&D for Nokia, Ericsson and Alcatel-Lucent mobile networks business. In July 2016 Sebastian was elected board member of the newly founded Global UTM Association

Executive Editor – Commercial UAV News

Jeremiah Karpowicz is the Executive Editor for Commercial UAV News. He has created articles, videos, newsletters, ebooks and plenty more for various communities as a contributor and editor. He is also the author of a number of industry specific reports that feature exclusive insights and information around how drones are being used in various markets.

Jeremiah Karpowicz

Olivier Fontaine

Lucas van Oostrum

Sebastian Barbiarz

Advisory Board Member & Co-Founder – Delft Aerial Robotics

Lucas is a serial entrepreneur and drone evangelist.  His passion for robotics emerged at a young age, when he began taking apart computers and hacking his way into all kinds of systems.  He entered the drone industry in 2011 through the creation of Aerialtronics, a drone manufacturer and service provider. Lucas now uses his drone industry expertise and extensive network to expand DAR’s partnerships and accelerate the success of its companies.

UAS Program Engineer – North Carolina Department of Transportation

Darshan Divakaran is UAS Program Engineer at the NC Division of Aviation at NC Department of Transportation. Coming from a state government and university research background, Darshan has experience developing best practices and procedures for safe and efficient unmanned aviation operations. An FAA certified remote pilot, he has extensive flight experience with several fixed wing and rotary UAV systems. In addition, Darshan has also worked with several remote-sensing platforms, photogrammetry and GIS systems. He is also an FAA certified commercial Pilot with multi-engine rating.
Darshan holds a Master of Geospatial Information Science and Technology degree from North Carolina State University and BS in Professional Aeronautics (with minor in Aviation Management) from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Darshan Divakaran

Olivier Fontaine

Michael Thoss

Sebastian Barbiarz

Founder – Ethoss Group

Michael Thoss is a trusted expert within the global, commercial unmanned industry since 2011 and has been engaged with the main leading drone manufacturers ever since then on C-level. He joined the industry representing the German manufacturer Microdrones in 2011, successfully developing and establishing the brand in the international commercial drone market.

In 2014, Michael founded his own company, ethoss group. The company is regularly helping businesses, to successfully implement unmanned technology within their organization and business operations. Next to excellent relationships, ethoss group also provides access to leading drone (and related) companies worldwide, including manufacturers as well as holistic system integrators. ethoss group is a fully independent company, consisting of industry professionals with many years’ experience in the unmanned space.

Managing Director – Terra Drone Europe

Pieter studied to be a Radio Officer at the Naval college in Amsterdam and started his career as a sonar engineer and surveyor in the offshore industry for Fugro. He later obtained a postgraduate degree in Geographic Information Systems. Two more post graduate degrees in Business Administration and IT strategy followed and ensured a gradual transition to a commercial role in the geographic information business. After 10 years in the manned aerial survey industry he is the founder, managing director and co-owner of Terra Drone Europe that is specialised in unmanned surveys and inspections using UAV’s.

Pieter Franken

Olivier Fontaine

Kevin O’Donovan

Sebastian Barbiarz

Technology Evangelist – A Bit of This & That …

Kevin is the founder of the boutique technology consultancy company, A Bit of This & That … focused on the intersection of the IT and Energy Industries, delivering innovative technology consultations, sales advisory, speaker & social media influencer services. Being a bit of a storyteller, he has been evangelizing how new technologies can transform the way we do things through-out his career. Kevin has a proven track record of ‘bridging the gap’ between the capabilities a new technology can bring and the practicalities of bringing that technology to market. He has held senior leadership Technical Sales & Sales Management roles at Compaq, HP and most recently at Intel, where he was Intel’s Worldwide Sales Director for the Energy Industry.

Chairman, Executive Board – UAS Norway

Knut T. Moe has been on the executive board of UAS Norway, the largest business association for professional drone operators in Europe, since 2011, serving as elected chairman from 2017 and onwards.
In 2018 he co-wrote the book «Drones in civilian society», and he remains a frequent lecturer on risk analysis and technical solutions for countering unwanted drone activity.
Knut continues to be a resource in drone-related counter-terrorism security projects around the world, and serves the community by working for the good of the drones industry through improving the security for those who need special protection. He resides in Oslo, Norway with his family.

Knut Torbjørn Moe

Olivier Fontaine

Jeremy Wigmore

Sebastian Barbiarz

Founder – Ethoss Group

Jeremy Wigmore joined the ethoss group in October 2017, after four years as CEO of Aerialtronics, a manufacturer of high performance multirotor aerial platforms. ethoss group is regularly helping businesses in order to successfully implement unmanned technology within their organization and business operations, both technically and with an effective ROI.Next to excellent relationships, the company also provides access to leading drone (and related) companies worldwide, including manufacturers as well as holistic system integrators.ethoss group is a fully independent company, consisting of industry professionals with many years’ experience in the unmanned space, developing business with you. Able to demonstrate entrepreneurial and commercial skills required in identifying and optimising opportunities; Jeremy has considerable global experience in fast moving tech industries & markets, from a 20-­‐‑year career in video games, as Managing Director of Atari UK & GT Interactive Europe.


Isabelle Nyroth grew up surrounded by mentors involved in the rapidly expanding UAS technology industry. This influence along with her natural interest in all things that fly, inspired her to invest time becoming proficient in flying RC helicopters and multi-copters at an early age. With roots in Sweden, Austria and the United States, Isabelle has a global perspective of the industry and hopes to become instrumental in building bridges and assembling international collaborations in the development of UAS technology.

Isabelle Nyroth

Olivier Fontaine

Marc Kegelaers

Goncalo Antunes Matias

CEO of Unifly

Marc Kegelaers is a high profile, a quadri-lingual executive with a formal education in Engineering, Business Administration and Aviation. Having started his career in the product management department of a multinational (GTE), over the years Marc has gone through the stages of Product Management, International Sales, Key Account Management, Sales Director, General Manager, Chief Executive and Business Owner in a range of sectors: Network management, IT security, Aviation, Telecommunications.