Jury Drone Hero Europe 2017


After the selection of the finalists, the nominees will be coached to pitch their idea, prototype or concept.
The Jury consists of innovation experts, academics and representatives of federations.
They all have an excellent understanding of the drone economy in Europe.

President – EUKA

Chairman of the Jury

After a life as an internet-entrepreneur, Mark developed a passion for drones, and co-founded EUKA. Always looking to empower others and make connections, he strives to ‘enable the drone economy’ in Europe.

Mark Vanlook

Peter Dedrij

Jakub Karas

Jakub Karas

UAVA – Vice President

Jakub Karas is co-founder and co-owner of Upvision. He has more than 15 years of experiences in photogrammetry and remote sensing. Also many experiences in GIS, new technologies (laser scanning, mobile mapping) and drones. He is the winner in the category Best Commercial Video from Drones in the contest “Age of Drones 2016”.
Jakub Karas is Vice President of the Czech Unmanned Aerial Alliance, the Czech representative on the International RPAS Coordination Council and a non-executive member of the UVS International Board of Directors.

Founding Partner – BHO Legal

Oliver Heinrich is co-founder and partner with BHO Legal, a boutique law firm based in Cologne, Germany, with focus on aerospace and high-technology projects. With regard to UAVs, Oliver is heading BHO’s participation in “Drone.Rules.eu”, an EU (COSME) funded project for awareness raising on the complex legal framework for operating drones in EU Member States.

Oliver Heinrich

Peter Dedrij

Isabelle Nyroth

Anne-Marie Haute


Isabelle Nyroth grew up surrounded by mentors involved in the rapidly expanding UAS technology industry. This influence along with her natural interest in all things that fly, inspired her to invest time becoming proficient in flying RC helicopters and multi-copters at an early age. With roots in Sweden, Austria and the United States, Isabelle has a global perspective of the industry and hopes to become instrumental in building bridges and assembling international collaborations in the development of UAS technology.

SAPRITALIA A.P.S. – President

Olivier Fontaine is the president, accountable and safety manager of the Italian non-profit association Sapritalia A.P.S. which has as scope to promote the creation of new jobs and safety in the field of RPAS.
​He is certified by Créteil University, France in the domain of aeronautical education, and is a teacher in an Aeronautical Vocational high school. Olivier undertakes specific research on the relation between education and safety and collaborates with universities in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. and Twente, The Netherlands with which he publishes papers on safety, just culture and education. Olivier is one of the three Italian representatives on the International RPAS Coordination Council and a non-corporate member of the UVS International Board of Directors.​​

Olivier Fontaine

Olivier Fontaine

Sebastian Babiarz

Sebastian Barbiarz

Airmap – Head of strategic Business development

Sebastian is Heading Strategic Business Development in AirMap, he believes that right technology can enable new business opportunity. His role is to identify and evaluate new business opportunities throughout Europe, and continue to advise and collaborate with regulators and standards organizations as they work to build frameworks for Unmanned Traffic Management, or UTM, in the region. Previously, Sebastian held various positions in R&D for Nokia, Ericsson and Alcatel-Lucent mobile networks business. In July 2016 Sebastian was elected board member of the newly founded Global UTM Association

Unifly – Co-Founder

Jürgen Verstaen started his military career at the Royal School for NCO’s. As a military air traffic controller, he gained experience in the domain of Air Traffic Management (ATM). Over the years, he expanded his knowledge and subsequently received several certificates in ATM. As from 2012, Jürgen became Managing Director at Flight Plus, a consultancy company for larger drone operations, focusing on legislation and ATM requirements. Three years later, Unifly was created as a spin-off from VITO. As one of the founders, he decided to take up the job as Chief Business Development Officer, next to the other functions he already has, to further improve their award winning unmanned traffic management system called Unifly UTMS.

Jürgen Verstaen

Olivier Fontaine

Ilmars Ozols

Ilmars Ozols

LARPAS – Communication Manager

Ilmars Ozols has more than 5 years of experience in working with unmanned aircraft systems as constructor, remote pilot and instructor.
​He represents Latvian Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (LARPAS, www.larpas.lv) to promote safe and responsible use of RPAS and overall development of this sector. He is the Latvian representative on the International RPAS Coordination Council and a non-executive member of the UVS International Board of Directors.

Executive Editor – Commercial UAV News

Jeremiah Karpowicz is the Executive Editor for Commercial UAV News. He has created articles, videos, newsletters, ebooks and plenty more for various communities as a contributor and editor. He is also the author of a number of industry specific reports that feature exclusive insights and information around how drones are being used in various markets.

Jeremiah Karpowicz

Olivier Fontaine

Gonçalo Antunes Matias

Goncalo Antunes Matias


Gonçalo Antunes Matias is an airline pilot and flight instructor since 2008. In March 2016 he presented his thesis discussing the fundamental criteria underlying Basic Regulation Applicable to the Operation of Unmanned Aircraft in Portuguese airspace, and actually presented a regulation proposal.
In May 2016, he founded the Portuguese Association for Unmanned Aircraft and has been elected its President for the next 4 years. Gonçalo Matias is the Portuguese representative on the International RPAS Coordination Council and a non-executive member of the UVS International Board of Directors.

R&D Manager – SNCF Railways

Flavien Viguier is an expert in 3d measurement and geo-positioning with a master’s degree in land surveying and topography. He is currently R&D manager of the drone team at SNCF (French Railway company). He leads development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) solutions adapted for railway network characterization, with responsibilities including sensors and data analysis utilizing photogrammetry, laser scanning, multi spectral measurement. During his 8 years at SNCF in the topographic department he’s developed geo-positioning solutions and introduced photogrammetric processes and 3D laser scanning technology (static and dynamic) for French railway network characterization.

Flavien Viguier

Olivier Fontaine