The Japanese telecom company NTT Domoco claims to have developed a drone that creates the illusion of having a spherical screen. According to the company, the device can fly autonomously while images seem to appear on a spherical screen.

A skeleton has been built around the drone, in which there are eight curved LED strips. The strips rotate around their axis at high speed, making it appear as if a spherical screen is created. The illusion ensures that no real spherical screen is needed, but also that the entire device is lightweight. The drone weighs a total of 3.4 kilos.

How long the device can fly without a recharge, is not stated. Domoco wants to put the drone on the market in 2019. The company expects the device to be used in a concert hall or stadium. For example, the drone can provide information about the event, show ads or be used by the performing artist.

spherical screen