The cellars of Tour & Taxis are now home to the largest indoor center for drones in Belgium. The new Drone Towers offers 2,200 square meters of indoor space for anyone who wants get to know drones and other technologies. Something that is not easily realized in open air.

The owner of Drone Towers, Espace Drone, stated that there was a regular demand for demonstrations, which coudl not always be fulfilled outdoors because of limiting regulations. In the cellars of Tour & Taxis this obstacle is not available and young and old can learn about flying with drones. Drone Towers is not a training center, but especially a place where groups who are curious about drones can meet for the first time. All the material is available, so the visitors themselves do not have to buy expensive drones.

Drone Towers focuses on families and groups who want to do team building. In addition to the drones, there are other technological achievements such as virtual reality, a drones simulator or a telegraphic camera with a virtual spectacle.


Photo: Wikipedia