The municipality of Venlo and Ondernemend Venlo want to use drones to limit the parking inconvenience of lorries. They can also contribute to the fight against cargo theft. Alderman Erwin Boom of Economic Affairs and chairman Peter Thissen of Ondernemend Venlo, which represents the interests of entrepreneurs in the business parks, said that during a working visit by VVD MP Malik Azmani on Wednesday.

Venlo has become a logistics hub due to its location between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and the European hinterland. There are many distribution centers and many trucks pass through the A67 and A73. However, there are too few parking places for trucks. This is especially felt on Sundays and public holidays in Germany because a driving ban applies to lorries there.

Fatal accidents

Many drivers park their trucks in Dutch border cities, such as Venlo. They often stand here and there on business parks and on emergency lanes of motorways. This leads to nuisance and unsafe situations. Thissen says that five to six fatal accidents occurred in Venlo in ten years because cyclists and scooters crashed in the evening against stationary and unlit trucks.

The municipality and Ondernemend Venlo are looking for ways to solve the problems. Such as the use of drones. Drones map where trucks are parked. It is possible to photograph the license plates so that the owners can be fined. The rules of the game are being investigated, including in the area of ​​privacy. If possible, the municipality only wants to use the drones if there is sufficient, secure parking.

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