Ticino EOC a Swiss hospital group has partnered with Swiss Post and US drone manufacturer Matternet to boost the efficiency of their laboratory logistics. The new drones fly the medical laboratory specimens between Ticino’s different centers. These trails are between Ospedale Civico and Ospedale Italiano, which has a distance of 1.3 km.

The results are promising. With the use of the new UAV’s transport time does not longer depend on traffic conditions or third parties, which makes it faster and safer. The costs are lower by using drones than ordering taxies. In addition, they reduce much more time by flying over hills and mountains which is important when transporting blood samples in a certain time slot.

But also in Belgium drones are transporting medicine and other time-sensitive supplies. Drones can be very efficient especially in big cities, like Antwerp and Hasselt, where traffic conditions are bad. Belgian start-up Helicus wants to make sure that these drones can be operational in the next coming year.

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