Ampyx Power, developer of a low cost alternative to traditional wind turbines (Power Planes), will cooperate with the German energy company Eon. The German newspaper Handelsblatt reports that Eon will invest 3 million euro in the new technology. The high-tech company, that generates power with wind gliders, also announced that they plan to raise 2.5 million euro through crowdfunding.

Ampyx Power’s so-called ‘Power Planes’ convert wind into electricity. The devices are connected to a cable and generate energy through tension. The idea is similar to flying kites. The drones float at an altitude of 450 meters in the air and are connected to a generator on the ground. The pull of the drone is converted into electricity by the generator. The technology is still at an early stage of development, but it is a possible alternative to the traditional – expensive – windmills.

Eon takes takes the lead in the development and, if proved successful, the company will construct a test site for Airborne Wind Energy in County Mayo, Ireland. The site will be used for testing and demonstration of the final prototype of the glider. The start-up is hoping their solution will replace first generation offshore wind farms that were built from early 2000, at the end of their life cycle.


Photo: Ampyx Power