When snowboarding is your passion, nothing can stop you. Erik Ravijts, manager of Mapix, is designing big and spectacular snowboard slopes all around the world, with the help of drones.

In the building industry drones are used to measure and calculate specific construction sites. That’s why Erik is using UAV’s to create detailed 3D maps before designing the ramps. 3D mapping is very functional, and with the use of a drone, you can cut out costs and have a clear visual in a few hours.

Erik drew a 39-meter ramp in Antwerp for the International Big Air event in 2012, and since that moment he has been creating ramps in multiple countries like Russia, Turkey, China and many more. Now he is designing a dry slope in Genk, Belgium, for professional snowboarders. A real entrepreneur never stops thinking about the day after tomorrow. That’s why Erik is thinking about adding drones to his design. Not for 3D mapping but for cleaning the slope. Drones could do the work more efficiently because they could clean the parts that are difficult to reach in a less amount of time.

If you would like to know more about Erik’s project, please visit: www.mapix.be