The game is on! 

The next few days we will be highlighting all the finalists of the Drone Hero Europe contest. Today, we look at the ‘High Potential’ category. Who will be the multi-million drone company of the future? Who will set the standard for all to follow? The winner of this category might just be that European molog for years to come!

Who is competing during this face-off? Who will be the ‘High Potential’ Drone Hero?

Two very competitive companies: Unifly from Belgium and DroneRadar from Poland. Both are striving to do very similar things: try to regulate drone air space and make drone flights much safer by monitoring them. In a nutshell, because it is, of course, much more complex than that.


high potential

This is their submitted video:


high potential

This is their submitted video:

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If you want to see these companies pitch in front of a jury, don’t forget to register and visit the Commercial UAV Expo in Brussels!


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