In order to give the drone industry all the opportunities in the logistics and transport sector, Euka, Dronecluster for Flanders and FEBETRA, the federation of Belgian carriers and logistics service providers signed a letter of intent.

“The purpose of this agreement is to establish an interaction between the drone industry and the logistics and transport sector,” says Benny Smets, chairman of FEBETRA. “In doing so, we aim for market-ready solutions for the logistics and transport sector.

“Drones know numerous applications. For the logistics and transport sector, drones could also mean an opportunity. You can have delivery drones, but also the use of drones the surveillance warehouses, and for inventory and order collection, “says Mark Vanlook, cluster manager at EUKA.

In addition to bringing about market-ready solutions, both organizations will also evaluate the regulatory framework to determine where improvement is necessary. In concrete terms, this cooperation will be expressed in setting up a working group and organizing events around drones and their industrial applications in the logistics and transport sector. –

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