ZF is the first company in Germany to receive official approval for automated drone flights over factory premises. A drone prototype has recently started flying spare parts such as sensors or control cards from the central warehouse to workshops.

As soon as the test flights are complete and drones properly deployed, such flights will relieve vehicle traffic at the plant and save time on the up to one kilometer-long delivery routes that are often on the upper floors of buildings. In the long term, packages could even be delivered outside of factory premises, for example to facilitate package delivery in residential areas that are difficult to access.

The six-motor drone can transport up to five kilograms in weight by air – or three kilograms of goods after taking into account the grippers and transport box. This is sufficient for the vast majority of spare parts and tools that need to be transported on company premises. Safety is also a top priority when transporting goods by drone. The 30 km/h hexacopter mainly flies over the roofs of plant buildings and only crosses driveways and sidewalks where there is no alternative. The rechargeable battery, which provides around 30 to 40 minutes of electrical flight operation, is also redundant, just like the propellers and motors. The drone is therefore still maneuverable even if one motor fails.

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Image: https://press.zf.com/site/press/en_de/microsites/press/list/release/media_49216.html