In Hasselt, Belgium, a test project has been started with drones filming dangerous intersections to make them safer in the future. A first in Belgium! The drones can show the entire intersection, which fixed cameras can not do.

The intersection of the ring around Hasselt with the Kempische Steenweg is a dangerous crossroad. Recently, a drone has been recording how many cars are passing on what time frame. Fixed cameras to measure the speed were already there. Now there are also images that show the entire intersection.

Pilot project
This is currently a useful pilot project, says Veva Daniëls van Wegen en Verkeer. “For example, we look at how long a queue for a red light is. We no longer have to come to look manually, no longer come on the spot. The technology measures it for us and from there we can see how we can make this safer and better for everyone “, Daniëls explains.

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