The game is on! 

The past few days, we have highlighted several finalists of the Drone Hero Europe contest: High Potential and Creative. Today, we look at the ‘Innovative’ category. Who is going to revolutionize the drone industry? Who find an idea many will want to invest in? The winner of this category might just be the drone inventor Europe has been looking for!

Who is competing during this face-off? Who will be the ‘Innovative’ Drone Hero?

Just like yesterday, we look a two very different finalists: on the one hand you have Voliro from Switzerland with a very flexible hexacopter that can even fly upside down, opening up on many applications. On the other hand, you have Mine Kafon, the Dutch solution to clearing land mines. What a difficult choice!




This is their submitted video:

Mine Kafon


This is their submitted video:

If you want to know more about these candidates and other categories, check out:

If you want to see these companies pitch in front of a jury, don’t forget to register and visit the Commercial UAV Expo in Brussels!


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