Chinese retail giant develops drones who can bear heavy burdens. The drones must be able to carry packages up to a thousand kilos (a metric tonne). The company wants to launch China’s largest drone network.

By deploying drones who have more support, the retailer can transport goods to areas that are difficult to reach on a large scale. For example, consumers in the Chinese countryside can deliver packages or return agricultural products to the urban area. With the northern province of Shaanxi, it set up an agreement for establishing a drone network. The network has a radius of 300 kilometers and is provided with hundreds of routes. In addition, installs multiple landing bases in the region. further invests in a research and development campus, where unmanned systems will be developed and tested.

Logistics branch seems to be making full use of its logistics branch JD Logistics. Not long ago, it decided to take care of the fulfillment of their own orders. In April, the retail giant founded JD Logistics, which will also provide logistics for third parties. Companies can outsource storage, transportation, delivery and return processing to JD Logistics.