People who love to create stuff, parents, children, people who want to know something about drones, robots or other new technology: there’s something for everyone at the ‘Maak Festival’ (Make Festival) in Groningen on Saturday, May 20th. It is the fifth time this event is held. There is a lot to experience, see, make and hear and you can sit everywhere!

The Maak Festival is the stage for technique, creativity and ingenuity organized annually by a number of enthusiastic creators from Groningen (Foundation MF050) and the Groninger Forum.

May 20th everything will be about creativity – stands, workshops, small presentations and installations, talks – this day is filled with innovation, creativity and technology. The full program is available on the website:

A droneshow every hour 

From all over the country, creators will come to Groningen to present their latest project. In addition, you can watch amazing stuff at the exhibit and you can sit around and make beautiful things yourself! To top it off, there is a droneshow at the Grand Theater starting every hour.