In The Netherlands an important question has risen: is a medicine drone capable of transporting medicines from the mainland to the Frisian Islands in case of an emergency?

In emergency situations, medication is delivered to one of the islands with “marathon logistics”: first a bus, then a boat, a bus or taxi. Drones could fly straight from Groningen or Friesland to one of the islands – it would be a big step forward.

But, for this to happen, the drone legislation must be changed. How fond are islanders about unmanned air transport if these flights happens on a regular basis? And how excited are insurers about this project?

Nevertheless, these medicine drones are a serious option for the near future. That way, you could keep a patient on the island more often. Now, in case of doubt, a helicopter is often required to quickly bring someone to a hospital on the mainland. A helicopter flight costs an average of 20,000 euros.