Peter Cosyn, CPO of Gatewing (a Delair-Tech company) is interviewed about his vision of the future of the Drone Industry in Flanders and Europe. Delair-Tech provides aerial-imagery-based data to help industries make informed decisions. The company is a specialist in both long-range UAV manufacturing and data processing.


  • How will drone technology affect our economy?
  • How do you think the drone industry will evolve?

Peter Cosyn is the founder and former director of Gatewing, a company that pioneered the professional mapping drone industry and was acquired by Trimble and Delair-Tech respectively. He has a background in unmanned aircraft technology and product development with 15 years of experience. He has broad business experience as an enterpreneur, R&D director and manager of a diverse team in the technology sector. He considers himself both an analyst who ‘connects the dots’ and a strategist who ‘directs the team’ towards a complex but valuable goal.