A start-up founded by former Google drone engineers, Adam Bry and Abe Bachrach, just delivered a self-flying camera, the Skydio R1, that makes aerial photography a hands-free task.

It uses computer vision and other types of artificial intelligence to fly itself, follow and record a subject down below– no piloting or camera skills required.

Bry told CNBC, “This technology is like what’s being used in autonomous vehicles, in many ways. But of course, we had to develop this to deal with the general 3-D motion of flying, and the lack of structure that goes with road systems.”

Unlike DJI’s market-dominating drones, this drone is operated without any controllers. Instead, users launch the Skydio iOS or Android app, and tap the screen on their mobile device to tell the R1 who to follow.

Read the complete article on : https://www.cnbc.com/2018/02/14/skydio-r1-autonomous-drone-that-can-follow-and-record-you.html

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