The French manufacturer DroneVolt delivers flying cleaning robots. Their drones spray detergent into difficult to reach places, after which the dried moss and dirt rinse off the roof during the next rainfall.

After inspections and camera recordings, drones begin to perform other tasks as well. Painting with a brush or roller is not something the Hercules-drone from the French manufacturer DroneVolt can do, but spraying a coating is very possible according to Rosario de Sanctis. The spraying of detergents on roofs is not a problem anymore.

To be able to clean, a hose of up to 30 meters in length is attached to the Hercules. That’s the maximum kenght due to weight restrictions. This hose is in turn attached to a pump. The drone itself is equipped with spray arms that evenly spray the liquid over a desired surface.

Product developer de Sanctis recommends a biological detergent. Then a relatively simple pump and a small drone can be used.


Image: Drone Volt – website