Previous weekend 1600 families visited DronePort to see what the future holds. Young and old were astonished by the futuristic building, which has a brand new research lab for drones. Parents, grandparents but even kids could test out the drones and learn more about drone innovations. The DronePort family day was a great success to show all the inhabitants of Sint-Truiden that Limburg is innovating and that Belgium has a new center for drone technology.

Did you know drones could be used for more than just commercial use? Mark Vanlook – CEO of DronePort, explains during the tours that drones are our future. They can be of assistance in agriculture, industry, healthcare, security, and many more sectors. That’s why DronePort is welcoming over 25 drone companies and institutions to join their table. This project can create a strong network within the sector. Companies can share their knowledge and Droneport can be a safe haven where drone enthusiasts can work on drones and test them on the airport of Brustem.

Not only could families learn more about these unmanned aerial vehicles and get a tour around DronePort. But they could also test the drones. It was obvious kids would love the new flying toys, but even adults could not resist the temptation to join their kids and fly a drone themselves.

Do you want to win a seat at DronePort? Join us in the Drone Hero contest by uploading a video of your latest drone innovation before 25 March and win amazing prices!

20190210 - Sfeerbeelden Family Days @ Droneport